My idea for an automatic leader permotion/demtion system

  1. Add candidate trust level (or internal bit).
  2. Add configurable leader/candidate activity requirements similar to regular.
  3. Regulars are automatically promoted to candidates after meeting the requirements.
  4. Candidates have no special powers.
  5. Members and non-candidate regulars can vote for candidates.
  6. Each voter gets 1 vote witch that they can switch between candidates (or noone) at any time.
  7. When a Candidate’s vote count reaches a configurable % of total members (or a fixed number), they become leader.
  8. Voters can still cast or change their vote on a leader.
  9. If a leader’s vote count falls below the threshold, they are demoted back to candidate.
  10. If a candidate or leader falls below the activity requirements they are demoted to non-candidate regular and there vote count is cleared.

Thank you for reading, comments and suggestions are appreciated.
I am not sure what the default activity requirements and vote threshold should be. I will leave that up to you guys.

You should look at the Stack Overflow moderator election process. It is the only public large website I know that does this — we pioneered it as far as I know.

This system combines strict requirements with community opinion. Hopefully this addresses the past concerns against auto leader promotion I read about. isn’t community involvement what discourse is all about. I would love input on this.

Yes, but this system would be automated and allow for greater community control. Plus if a leader is bad then they can be quickly removed from power by just few un-votes. Under this system it would be hard to gain leader and easy to lose it. Exactly what you want in community based power right?