Mailgun huge dropped subscriber

Hi All,

I hope you are good. I noticed a high dropped number of subscriber in the mailgun dashbord, is this related to GDPR and then normal ? Or did i do something wrong ?

Did i miss an annoncement ?

Many thanks

Those are essentially bounced emails if I understand it correctly. Not sure what the cause would be though. I would check the logs and or contact Mailgun Support.

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yes thank you, i’m waiting for their answer and will keep you posted.

You can filter the Mailgun log for those messages, then see in the summaries what the prevalent issue might be.

If you are on a shared IP address at Mailgun, it’s possible that another account caused it to be blacklisted by one or more of the common email services which would affect deliverability to your users on them.

Mailgun support is pretty good about switching you to a “less noisy” IP address if that happens.