My Personal Email Address in Terms of Service Page - Discourse - How to Change?

When I initially set up my discourse instance I used my personal email address. I realize now that this email address has now been propagated through the site in some areas and I don’t want that. I’ve tried to change it by putting in a newly created email address in the Required Settings of the forum. But - even though I’ve updated that - it doesn’t seem to have replaced the email address on the Terms of Service page (down where it says “My Account… You may close your account at any time by e-mailing …”

If someone knows where I need to edit my personal email out, so it gets taken out of this page, please let me know.


go change it in admin > settings > contact email

I tried that - but it doesn’t propagate to the Terms of Service page and contact info listed on that page. Its strange…

go to admin > customise > text > replace text > topics > terms of service


Thats it! Thanks! Solved the problem.

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