Ability to Jump to First Unread post in Topic Navigator / Progress Bar

(Dave McClure) #1

Continuing the discussion from How should I disable automatic redirection to the Last reply?:

Maybe doing both of those is overkill… The first one seems more useful.

Here are a few mockups:

  1. First Unread post is before you:
  2. First Unread post is after you:
  3. Simpler alternative
    Pre-populate number in the “go” box with the first unread post:

EDIT just found this old topic discussing some similar stuff:

Remembered Topic location should be "First Unread" post instead of "Last Read" post
Possible "take me back to where I was" button on progress bar
Link to first unread post?
(Robin Ward) #2

I personally find all these confusing. I don’t want to end up with one of those interfaces that’s just really full of butons.

3 is cleaner but confusing as most of the time that field is pre-populated with the current post.

I think there is likely a better solution to this problem.

(Sam Saffron) #3

I personally think this work should be on hold till we implement a custom scrollbar.

A custom scroll bar has a ton of other advantages, it can use colors to denote areas that are unread, it can display month name or year to the left of the scrollbar as you scroll around. It can be virtual so it can encompass the full topic. It allows us to control scroll position without complex browser hacks.

What should on-site chat look like?
Custom scrollbar with sticky sidebar (necessitates slight UX rethink)
(Dave McClure) #4

Totally agree if there are plans to eventually do a custom scrollbar!

(Jeff Atwood) #5