Need a theme and customization (using Tailwind CSS). $25-$40/hr budget


Here’s a page from our site Elon Musk's religion and political views | Hollowverse and here’s our Discourse forum We would like to make the forum look like the main site.

I’m a front-end developer, but I’m not proficient with Discourse. And the main site takes up all of my time, anyway. So we need someone to help us with the forum customization.

The main site is using Tailwind CSS. We would like to use the same styling library on the forum as well because that would make it much easier to keep the styles in sync.

Since Tailwind CSS uses utility classes exclusively, the styling would need to go on the HTML templates directly, which means we would need to implement the style by supplying full templates.

I think it might be possible to apply Tailwind CSS to existing classes by using the @apply directive. Something like this…

.d-header {
  @apply text-lg bg-white rounded-md;

That way, replacing entire templates wouldn’t be necessary.

So that’s about the styling.

We also need some customizations. For example, on certain categories, we want the “Reply” button to say “Comment” instead.

The work will be 100% open source. The templates will go on this GitHub repository hollowverse/discourse · GitHub

Our budget is $25 to $40 per hour.

We are hosted on Communiteq’s Business plan.

If you can help, please DM me!

Thank you!


I am interested to take this up, sending you a PM


This job is no longer available.

I was able to use Tailwind to apply simple styles to get the two sites to look a little more similar. Overhauling all styles is a much bigger project that I may tackle incrementally and eventually. But for now, this is good enough.

Thanks for your interest everyone!