Need help: Fresh install, old forum still gets loaded

My first install was a breeze. Everything went smoothly everything was set up and working flawlessly. Some requests were made and I had to end up creating a new droplet and destroying the old one.

With a new droplet and a fresh install, I was expecting to run through the setup wizard and have the same result as above. Instead I still have what looks like the same instance(?) of discourse running with the old settings and I’m even logged in with my admin account. I am unable to log out, access any type of settings in the menu (loading spinner is just hanging). No matter how many droplets I destroy and reinstall, the same thing happens.

Please help.

Maybe clear your browser cache?


May be your new droplet IP address not updated in domain DNS records.


I think that what you’re seeing is the cached site in your browser. It looks fine, but then you can’t do anything.

As suggested, it’s probably that you haven’t updated your DNS or even if you did, your browser is remembering the old address. Try an incognito window or a different browser.


Thank you for the replies. I believe it’s both what @nolo and @Vikas_Dangi suggested.

I have cleared it and the dns has been refreshed. Thank you.

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