Need help on hosting a background image in our on premise instance

We are in the process of revamping our community portal and as part of the new design we have a background photo in it.
could you please confirm where can we host in our instance ?
what is the procedure for on premise instance ?

Could you please share the steps ?

Simplest way is to upload it to a private topic then copy link to image and use it.


Thank you for the response.
We need the steps/ commands / path where the link should be placed in our server.

Could you please guide on this ?

Read my previous response again please


Create a post in a PM or in a category like #staff, and include the desired image in the post. This will lupload the image to Discourse and make it available. In the resulting post, you can right-click the image to get the URL where it has been uploaded.

You could also create a theme component that includes the image as an asset. For that you’ll need to follow something like Include assets (e.g. images, fonts) in themes and components.


Got it.
Thank you Jay and team