Topic list preview in Wordpress


I want to have a topic list preview in Wordpress, pleae tell me how i can make that.
For example, the latest 10 topics on this forum.


You mean this: ?

uhmm… i think so?
Is there an example in an wordpress environment ? Or how do i add this to wordpress ?

I think the easiest and most flexible way is to get the RSS of the category, tag, user or whatever you need, and then use one of the many plugins WordPress has to embed RSS feeds, and configure their presentation at will. This is what we are doing in our site and it works very well.

To get the RSS feed of anything in Discourse, just append .rss to the page you are at, and chances are that a RSS feed will appear. For instance:


ok, but when i want the latest feed like:
I get an error:

It looks like this is a web page, not a feed. I looked for a feed associated with this page, but couldn't find one. Please enter the address of your feed to validate.

Discourse Meta - Latest topics is a RSS feed indeed.

It validates well enough:

Maybe it is a problem with the specific plugin you are using?

I just made a test. It works with Feedzy RSS Feed plugin without any complaints: Discourse’s latest.rss test –

thanks, but not exaclty (sorry :flushed:)
Is it possible to make it like this:


Sorry, but I’m confused about what the issue is.

  • the latest.rss errors (hmmm. iPad Safari gives a “can not determine filesize”)
  • latest.rss does not have the content you are wanting to have as a feed
  • latest.rss has what you want, but you can not use it to display like you want it to

Depending on what the question is, the answers will be different.


If you are using the WP Discourse plugin, the wp-discourse-shortcodes plugin might do what you are looking for. It extends the WP Discourse plugin to add a discourse_topics shortcode. It can be used without any attributes to give you a list of the 6 latest topics on your forum. Attributes can be added to the shortcode to control how many topics are displayed, and whether or not you would like to display an excerpt along with the topics. The attributes are documented in the plugin’s README.

With the excerpt_length set to 55, it will display something like this:

To install the plugin, you’ll need to download it as a zip file from it’s GitHub page:


ok thanks. I will look at this.

There is no issue, i want to display the latest posts on my homepage just like in the screenshot.

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