Need three dots after "Close"

Here the user is worried. For some reason there are not enough choices listed other than “Close”.

Screenshot 2024-03-19 05.33.52

Ah, no wonder. They are in the dialog that ensues if one presses Close.

Well, fine and good. But then “Close” should be “Close…” to let the user know about the coming dialog if s/he presses Close. It’s a standard feature, e.g., in your browser’s right click menus.

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If you are an admin on a forum there is a way to customize this text under ‘admin/customize’ but I am not 100% sure what to change :thinking:

You are talking about the buttons at the bottom of the composer, aren’t you?

But the dialog will not necessarily appear. When you did not edit anything or your post/reply is not long enough, close will just close without an additional menu.


Thanks but I am here to push for a worldwide fix.

Yes. I’m talking about the buttons I see below as I type this.

Also at least on desktop there are miles of blank space close to Close. But OK, too many buttons are ugly.

Perhaps the three dots could appear once the user starts entering words. That wouldn’t be asking for too much, wouldn’t you say?

Yes I know, but just a tip in case you want it for your own forum now :hugs:

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Today I had another encounter with this same Close button, in the same spot.

But maybe it was something I had for dinner, this time the “Close” button said to me, “I am the button to close the discussion, as it is getting off topic.”

It didn’t really say that to me, but with not even a mouseover, you can’t blame users for thinking it did.