Need to disable infinite scroll in home page

Is there any way I can stop infinite scroll in home page? Thanks.

Probably not.

It will probably help if you take two steps back and describe the problem are you trying to solve.


Hi Jay, sorry for my delayed reply. We need to stop infinite scroll after loading 5 to 10 pages somehow or completely disable it in home page and even in category pages.

Can you say more about why that is important. What is your problem with infinite scrolling?


I can imagine that it can be an annoying feature for many users


That’s still not specific enough. We’re looking for more specific details here so the problem can be understood.

Why does infinite scrolling need to be disabled? Why is a user finding infinite scrolling annoying?

We’re looking for specific answers to these questions because disabling infinite scrolling isn’t trivial and there might be an alternative solution, or there might be a problem someone’s running into that may help us improve infinite scrolling.


I am not suggesting to remove this feature permanently, but maybe there can be a flag to disable it in certain scenarios

Which scenarios do you have in mind? And like Kris, I’m also curious to know why.


I always had a problem with infinite scroll in tumblr. It didn’t load properly anymore after a certain amount of posts and it started to buck. It just wasn’t any fun. Maybe the problem was my weak internet connection?
Also, it`s easier to find certain posts if they are on a certain page rather than in a whole line of posts.

The only time I have had a “problem” with infinite scroll is when I was looking for something specific and scrolled faster than than the responses were being returned. The “problem” being that I saw placeholders until the new content loaded in.

IMHO, if the problem is because of a slow connection, I don’t think it will make a lot of difference if content is scrolled in or paginated to. But if you really want pagination you can use a browser with JavaScript disabled. You will miss out on a lot of the JavaScript goodness, but you will have pagination.

If on the other hand the problem is because of exceeded memory limits that might be something important to look into.

I’m not so sure, many lines vs. many pages seem like two sides of the same coin to me.

Perhaps you are looking for the advanced search page?


Hi, I landed here, because I wanted to find a way to disable the infinite scroll on the Latest page. It’s our default tab/page and we would like users to be able to reach the footer, as there are important links there and also legal information.
The forum is part of website that also includes a blog and other static pages. Therefore the information should be consistently showcased (same location, same format/appearance). A footer makes sense for that, because we don’t want to have a link buried in a menu.

Would you have any tips for me?

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Changing the home page from Latest to Categories, and changing desktop category page style to “Categories with Latest Topics” will effectively disable infinite scroll on your landing page.

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I see, thank you very much for the quick reply.
We actually didn’t like the Categories layout that much, we wanted to highlight the latest topics and give readers the chance to focus with that single column. It’s also important to us to show the engagement in the topics, like showing the different participants in the discussion.

So just to be clear, for a developer to change the code to disable the infinite scroll (instead have a load more button) would be possible?

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No, this is not possible.

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