Need to disable infinite scroll in home page


Is there any way I can stop infinite scroll in home page? Thanks.

(Jay Pfaffman) #2

Probably not.

It will probably help if you take two steps back and describe the problem are you trying to solve.


Hi Jay, sorry for my delayed reply. We need to stop infinite scroll after loading 5 to 10 pages somehow or completely disable it in home page and even in category pages.

(Jay Pfaffman) #4

Can you say more about why that is important. What is your problem with infinite scrolling?

(maysam torabi) #5

I can imagine that it can be an annoying feature for many users

(Kris) #7

That’s still not specific enough. We’re looking for more specific details here so the problem can be understood.

Why does infinite scrolling need to be disabled? Why is a user finding infinite scrolling annoying?

We’re looking for specific answers to these questions because disabling infinite scrolling isn’t trivial and there might be an alternative solution, or there might be a problem someone’s running into that may help us improve infinite scrolling.

(maysam torabi) #8

I am not suggesting to remove this feature permanently, but maybe there can be a flag to disable it in certain scenarios


Which scenarios do you have in mind? And like Kris, I’m also curious to know why.