Needs tips on Private Message

I am transitioning my community away from Yahoo Groups and some of my community has this concern:

When you receive a message from yahoo groups, you can reply to just the individual user or to everyone in the group.

In discourse you don’t have access (that I know of) to reveal user emails. What is the most efficient way to send an PM in response to a post? For example, you might have an off topic response that you want to communicate directly to a poster.

Are there any shortcuts, buttons, or tricks that I might be missing?

Can you generate a private message from a thread?

Click on the user icon and select the message button.

I think everyone but the newest users can do that and then invite others to make it a group message.


This is true. If people want to be able to reply via email to just the sender (and I think that’s what he’s asking), it’s more complicated.

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The recommendation in that case is to modify the email footer to give guidance. Thanks @scombs!


Tapping or clicking the response arrow in the composer now lets you toggle to a PM as well:


Just to add a little update to this one; the ‘New Message’ option from the response arrow was retired:

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