Network Error & Always Keep on Loading


I don’t know what the issue is, but the website keeps on loading and showing network error. Please find the attached screenshot. Usually, the site will load within few seconds. Due to the loading issue, I tried to restart the server. After the restart, for few minutes, the site was loading fast. But, now again it is not loading.


Please help.

Thanks and Regards.

Note: I’m on Digital Ocean and used one click app to install Discourse.

And this is what Digital Ocean Customer support said:

Hey there,

This appears to be directly impacted by the application your web server is trying to serve. We have a community article that can help provide guidance on general web server troubleshooting: How To Troubleshoot Common Site Issues on a Linux Server | DigitalOcean

If you use an application manager or proxy configuration ( php-fpm, passenger, gunicorn/unicorn, Tomcat, etc ) you will also want to try restarting the application itself if it is not running.

If the application has any debugging facility, that may be useful in narrowing down the source of the issue. Typically for application issues, the best resources will be the community, documentation and support forums for the application software itself. We encourage you also leverage our community as well: DigitalOcean Community | DigitalOcean

The system and application error and access logs may include additional details that could provide more insight on this as well. This guide will help you learn to work with common logs in typical log paths but your application configuration may use more specific locations: How To View and Configure Linux Logs on Ubuntu and Centos | DigitalOcean

The site seems ok now, I have just created a new account:


Thank you so much for the fast resply and creating an account :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes you can see the site is working fine. The isse won’t come all the time, but most of the time, I’m seeing this:

Then, check at least your site log on Did you see any errors?


The page is empty. But, now there is no issue. Let me test the site today and I will let you know if the problem is again appearing.