New about bot page

I was playing a bit with the bot, to debug it and get better translations in Spanish, and when the bot does not understand something, it gives us a message that sends us to speak with someone “real” but it directs us to /about page of the site. There we have no way of talking to anyone, and there isn’t any information about the bot itself.

So an idea hit my head: we could create a page “/about-the-bot” (or something like that).
With its version, the commands that it accepts, and that page could be editable by the user as it is for example /faq or /guidelines

So each of us could write what they wanted there, and if we want, we can put a new topic for people to say what they think of the bot, and so on.

While writing this idea, it occurred to me that I could edit the /guidelines to add a whole paragraph about the bot, and put the link /guidelines#bot from the lines that our discobot says when he don’t understand the people and so they could understand it better.

Everything is for the correct communication of discobot. :allthethings:


But why a new page or a /guidelines#bot when you can create a dedicated topic and add the link to his reply?

Guidelines are related to user behavior on the forum. I don’t see a connection with a section that explain the commands of discobot (IMHO obviously). :wink:


:email: Contact Us

In the event of a critical issue or urgent matter affecting this site, please contact us at

And the bot is not part of the forum?

As I said, the idea would be a page that talks about the bot.

If the site staff wants to create a topic about the bot, for users to chat, it is optional to create that topic.
But, that topic needs to be informed in somewhere.

It seems that the part of “talking to real people” is not understood.

If a user is holding a conversation with a robot, and wants to continue talking to a real person, the fact that the robot sends him to a page where an email address shows up is like saying: “If you want to talk to someone, you should send a new email”. :frowning:

Come on, what’s the discourse for?
We can have more direct conversations by PM, either through a topic and talk to other real people!

TL0 users cannot PM, though.

Slightly off topic, but…

And in the past this was worked around because they could “reply” to the welcome message.

What about changing the TL0 PM restriction to function like the blocked user PM restriction? Instead of preventing all PM, only allow PMs to staff users (and the 3 staff groups if allowed in group settings)?

Strongly opposed as there is a huge abuse vector for staff open there.

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