New Bookmarks are a mini assistant and a moderator's best friend!

WOW, I haven’t been on here in ages due to some changes in my offline world, but I just had to jump back in and say a massive heartfelt THANK YOU Discourse team for the new Bookmarks, they’re a literal answer to a busy mod’s prayers!

I was having to read my PMs in email first, to be able to triage the “urgent and important” stuff (usually mod-related things) from the “important, not urgent” (usually social chats, and questions about the subject matter of the forum I mod) and because I get so many messages, often having to set reminders on my phone, or ask the person to reply to bump the PM if I deferred their question to later in the day or week, for when I knew I’d have more time to dig into the question, or do a lengthy reply.

This function is like having a mini personal assistant right inside the forum – no more lost “that looks odd, must check that later” posts, then forgetting what they related to, no more leaving a flag for a few hours just as a reminder to check how something develops, you do it all for me!

Absolutely incredible and I really appreciate this, I know busy mods everywhere who have basically 2 types of messages in just the one inbox, and often need to remember to go back to something, will be thrilled to start exploring its uses!

Thank you!