New "Has your question been answered" popup can't be permanently dismissed

The new “Has your question been answered” popup (pictured below) is too aggressive and can’t actually be dismissed. You can dismiss it temporarily by clicking the x, but if you come back to the topic later it prompts you again. This certainly seems like a bug to me.

However, even if that was fixed I feel like asking this in every topic you create is overkill. I know it’s limited to categories that allow solutions to begin with, but even in those not every topic needs a solution. To me it seems like this would be better as a one-time thing like a walk me tutorial the first time you make a topic in a category that allows solutions. Once per topic visit (current behavior) and even just once per topic both sound like a huge annoyance to me.


Yes, is there some way to disable this?


Is that one controlled by the “disable solved education message” setting?

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I don’t think it is, this is quite new actually:

Maybe it should though?


Can something be done about this? It is very distracting to see this every time I open one of my topics.

Yeah, I turned off the Solved Plugin because of it.

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Wow, that’s really saying something! I’m not an admin on the site I use, so I can’t do that. For now I decided to block it by class via an ad blocker. But ideally it should be possible to disable it globally as a plugin/site setting and it should really only show up once per topic or maybe even once per user ever.

I’m facing this every single time I’m pulled back into one of the Announcements I’ve posted in my Community because of a user question/response.

In general, Announcements aren’t usually going to be solved. At minimum I’d like to see an exclusion for this feature either on individual categories or at a trust level. (Surely we can trust tl2+? tl3+? to properly mark their topics solved?)

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I’m pretty sure you can exclude entire categories. For example, here on Meta you can’t solve a #feature topic as far as I can tell.

My problem is that some categories have a mixed use case, where some topics will have solutions and others won’t. There’s really nothing that can be done about that case right now.

@seanblue I’ve just been through all the options and nothing jumped out at me as being “not solvable.” Can you give me a pointer?

You can select which categories can have ‘solvable’ topics in their category admin wrench, on the settings tab:

Ehm… I still don’t see it

Do you have allow solved on all topics set in your admin settings? I think that removes the category by category setting:

My CSS is still pretty basic, but adding this as a theme component has hidden it: {
    display: none;
Extra details on how to add it to your site
  • Go to /admin/customize/themes
  • Click on install and then create new
  • Give it a name, and select ‘component’.
  • Create
  • Add it to your theme
  • Click on the Edit CSS/HTML button and paste the code into the Common tab

And save. :+1:

That’s it! Thanks!
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