New install "This site can’t be reached"

So, I have followed official instructions on how to install discourse from here

All a sudden I am getting
" This site can’t be reached"
“Welcome to Nginx”
“site name .com has not send any data”

at first, I thought it was me, so I verified everyone on my end firewalls + logs and nothing showed weird
so I reinstalled it again and did the same thing…
I verified my route 53 DNS server and everything was correct

I have tried on Vultr, Digitel Ocean and AWS, Google Cloud… and nothing but having the same issues:(

Could there be a possible bug going around for Ubuntu 20.04 or Ubuntu 21.04?

Edit: I forgot add that all my servers are clean installs, meaning there is nothing else installed to conflict the installs

Could you have installed and perhaps misconfigured nginx on the host ?

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Nothing was misconfigured, double checked everything on my end.

But is nginx installed on your host ?
:thinking: I’d check if the container(s) is(are) up… I assume you use the web-socketed template, so I don’t know maybe some rights issue… Hard to say, all I can confirm is that I’ve rebuilt on a 20.04 after the last commit of the docker image.

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Send me log In details via DM

I’ll fix it