Shouldn't be a New message button on mobile (In the inbox)?

It seems I can’t find how to write a new PM on mobile :thinking:
(Making a new topic and converting it to PM doesn’t count :sweat_smile: )

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I opened safari, and clicked on your profile.

The msg button appears.

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yep but there isn’t one in the inbox, and I kind of remember there was one ?

There has never been one in the inbox as far as I remember.

You always go to a user’s profile and click the msg button.

there is one on desktop though and I think one on mobile wouldn’t hurt

hum… :thinking:

hahaha, nice hashtag :slight_smile:


I believe there was a new message button and a group filter in inbox before but they reverted it becouse of performance issues if I remember correctly. Now I think they rebuild the PM section but I believe @tgxworld can help here more. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes. I have one on 2.8.0beta6:

I also note this is missing on a more recent build.

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not sure where you see that, but its not avail to me

I do have a recent version: 2.8.0.beta6 (837bd5a6e5)

my admin and expand are side to side.

That’s a red herring: the follow plugin is widening the buttons to accommodate the longer text.

Actually found a site I am on which still have it.

I here withdraw this statement. My apologies


Thank you for reporting :+1:

This PR will bring the button back:


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