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:discourse2: Summary New PM Dropdown Button adds a New Message button to the PM notification dropdown menu in the site header.
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Oh lord, this is awesome! In my opinion, the double-click method currently in place isn’t intuitive, some members don’t know how to access their inboxes (speaking of the double click).


Thank you! This is useful.

This componen isn’t working anymore because of new notification menu and sidebar, right?

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yes, not working on the new menus. but works if you disable the new menus.


Thanks. So this is part of legacy tools and will on its end-of-life cycle. Well, the sidebar make this a bit unnecessary.

Kind of. I feel it would be nice add-on in new layout too :wink:

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yea it would be good to have it. :smiley:

Hi there @awesomerobot,

I noticed the theme component doesn’t work with the new notification menu (see image below).

Maybe an update to this component is in order? Or maybe there is another way to create a new PM in the new notification menu that I have yet to find out?

Thanks :smile:

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Thanks for mentioning it! I’ve just added support for the new user menu:

This is dependent on a change within Discourse, so you’ll also need a Discourse upgrade for it to work: DEV: add panel-body-bottom outlet to user menu by awesomerobot · Pull Request #21386 · discourse/discourse · GitHub