New Method For Promoting Discourse Forum. Need Suggestion If It will Works Or Not

Hi Discourse Community, for promoting and making user engaged on my community BuzzBasement Community, I am thinking about starting a ‘NEW YEAR GIVEAWAY’.
As there are many different category and 3 months of time that’s why I thought about some point, kindly correct me where I should change

  1. Enter into minimum of 200 topics because there is 3 month time.
  2. Received at least 1k likes because if one creates 200 topic he/she will easily able to received 1k likes.
  3. Information should be valuable.
  4. Share on social media is important.
  5. As this is too MUCH, that’s why what prize I was thinking about choosing is given below
  • First winner - 500$ + Forum Admin
  • Second Winner - 450$ + Forum Admin
  • Third Winner - 400$ + Forum Admin
  • Fourth Winner - 350$ + Forum Admin
  • Fifth Winner - 300$ + Forum Admin
  • Sixth Winner - 250$ + Forum Moderator
  • Seventh Winner - 200$ + Forum Moderator
  • Eight Winner - 150$ + Forum Moderator
  • Ninth Winner - 100$ + Forum Moderator
  • Tenth Winner - 50$ + Forum Moderator
  • All Other - A lot of new and interesting knowledge on the forum

Is there anything wrong in this plan and if yes how I can improve that.
Everyhelp really appreciated

This theoretically means that you’ll have hundreds of new members creating at least 2 topics per day. I’d be a bit concerned about the quality of those topics.


As there are many category like Politics,International Relation, Science, Social Media, TV Shows etc, what I was thinking that if any user write content in their own language, It will help community to rank and it will built trust among people. Currently, I was a post written by Neil Patel, on this type os promotion and this is reason why I choose this contest.

Fair enough.

The other (perhaps more important) concern is that you are extrinsically motivating people to participate in your community. That is rarely sustainable. You need people to be intrinsically motivated (i.e. solving a problem or fulfilling an internal desire) if you want them to become invested long term.


Another consideration is do you really want to give these winners Admin access? An admin can do a lot of damage. It might be wiser to grant them either TL 3/4 or Moderator (if you feel so inclined), but people who are primarily posting and gaining likes to earn the monetary prizes are probably not necessarily the best choice for an Admin/Moderator role. Are they now a contributing member? Possibly, and that is where assigning them TL 3/4 status and maybe giving them access to a special category, might make sense too.

You might be able to swing it as TL 3 and 4 get to help guide/direct the community by offering ideas to them first in their restricted category before pursuing it across the community as a whole. Or offer up that those who are in TL 3 and 4 would be potential candidates for becoming a Moderator later down the road.

I can’t think of any reason why I’d ever offer Admin as a prize, and Admin should be much more thoughtful than that and should be someone who is dedicated and invested in the community.


What you said is really true. What I thinking of is that of someone writing around 200 content and also valuable(I personally didn’t decide who is the winner,I will create a POLL and then community decide), that’s is reason I thought if that person gains so much community faith, he should be admin or moderator because peoples are connecting themself with him/her.
As I am main admin, if someone tries to harm the community, I can easily remove him.
But you said right, Giving them access to user-level is the best option.

That’s what I thought, No body is allowed to post copied content and also thanks to ‘discourse’ everyone can reply and ask question on any topic that’s why they have to answer that user’s question and he/she will only be able to give answer only when he/she have knowledge about that specific topic

What I mean is that to reward people financially to participate in your community will build a false economy. People will enter for the money and then probably just leave (because there will no longer be a whole lot of people creating content).

Use custom badges, titles, TLs and other non-financial rewards. Fine ways to encourage people to become personally, not financially invested in being a member.


I was thinking about that but hadn’t find any idea. What is the thing that can promote users to enter into community. Will you please suggest regarding this.

I don’t have anything to contribute, but please, please share your results. If that works, we are gonna need to study that, because it seems like such a bad idea.

I get you are trying to bootstrap your community or whatever, but if it is effective in the context you are using, then it is either a part of the web I am not familiar with, or potentially some insight into what motivates ad hoc groups of people to self-organize around an arbitrary monetary source, which would be valuable to know about in order to steer our species away from such behavior.


That’s a good start ^

Check out the Benefits and Incentives chapter of this guide. I’ve included other examples there. The motivations chapter might be helpful for you also.


I posted about GiveAway on my forum but currently it is Unlisted so that I can make a change in that.
Link -

@HAWK @cpradio , you guys kindly take a look at this and suggest me something more if needed.

Where I am thinking about to promote this GiveAway
I am thinking about promoting this GiveAway using 2 platform.

  1. CPC
  2. With the help of NewsWire

Kindly suggest me if I am doing something wrong here on not.

Everything seems on par with what you had in your initial post. I’m not sure it will give you longer term benefits versus short term gains.

I really do think you should also consider granting badges to users and/or titles as adding 5 Moderators (to the two existing) for under 100 users, seems overkill. If you wanted to make the top prize a Moderator, that seems alright and then you could always draw moderators from the remaining winners who are still active in the community.

Just my initial thoughts.

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Adding 5 moderator for under 100 users,Sorry,I didn’t understand that. Kindly clear my confusion.
Also do you have any idea about NEWSWIRE or not

I was basing that on, which seems to report less than 100 users on the Discourse instance (but that may be because it isn’t launched yet)

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Yup, Only 52 users and many signed Up and then disappear. Only around 10-15 users are active.

No idea what I should say about that. It is launched, I can say but for promoting it I choose ‘GiveAway’

When did this community start? :neutral_face:
I think it’s too small to this kind of contest.


Around 20-25 days ago.

No way dude.
With this stats, you have to take more time.
Increase the content (content is the king :wink: ) and maybe invest in google adwords, facebook ads, etc. But this kind of contest will not work with that size.

It’s my opinion, if you want to try, do it :+1:


  • I would change the community logo.
  • I also recommend putting a banner explaining what the community is for. I arrived at the site and did not understand anything.
  • And finally, why do all categories have the same color?

I will start creating more and more content every day.

Thanks for your suggestion.

What you find wrong in the logo

THanks for this suggestion, I will do that.

I never thought if color affects so much. But I will take a look at this also.