New topic but "New" not showing in nav - any idea why?

We have the top menu to show the “New” tab. And there’s a new topic right now that even has the little blue dot I see when I visit latest. But “New” is not showing in the nav.

Notifications are default, consider topics new when created in the last 2 days. And this topic was indeed created less than 2 days ago.

Only thing I can think of…I see this topic was created by splitting a post off from an older one; could there be a bug related to that? Or if not any other ideas why “New” might be failing to show?

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Do you mean dynamically in real time, or if you refresh the page?

Not dynamically (i.e. not a topic created when I was already viewing latest), seemed to be missing “New” even upon refresh. My only guess so far is since I’d already seen the orig topic it was split from, maybe the new one isn’t counted as new? Only happened once though, I’ll keep an eye out and follow up if this keeps happening and in what situations.

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Have a look at the date for the new topic. When a topic is split from an existing topic, its created_at value is set to the time that the original topic was created. If this was greater than two days ago, the topic will not appear in your new topics list.

Thanks! Yes the initial topic from which the discussion was forked was created > 2 days ago.

But the first post in the new split topic is < 2 days old.

Suggestion: seems it’d make more sense (and technically more accurate) for the created_at date of a split topic to be set from the creation time of the first post in that new topic, rather than the created_at of the original topic.

What I posted was wrong. The created_at value of the new topic is set from the time the post that was split was created, not from the time the topic was first created.

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Gotcha. In that case makes sense why it showed w/ the new blue dot, but not sure why the New tab didn’t show. Will keep an eye and follow up if I see that keep happening.