New Topic in Staff is Shared Draft but Missing "Publish" Button

Continuing the discussion from Shared Drafts: Allow staff to collaborate on posts before publishing:

The above screenshot shows a “shared draft” banner that appears above a topic normally created in #staff. It is missing the publish button! Also, as @BlackKnob noted in the original topic:

Would this be related? AFAIK, all new topics in #staff now show this banner but not the publish button. Smells like a bug.

Version: v2.4.0.beta4 +5

Edit: I tried creating a new “Shared Draft” in #staff and it shows the same issue.

Can we repro this @tshenry?

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Did you try changing the Destination Category?

When a shared draft category has been established, all new topics within that category are considered shared drafts. The destination category defaults to the category in which the topic was created. The “Publish Shared Draft” button does not display until you choose a category other than where it was created.

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