New topic mention users problem

If i write @ to mention a user , the users list doesn’t appear

Help please .

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We need more information (even a link to the site), for example which version of Discourse you are using, with which local language, which third-party plugins you have installed, which themes etc…Does the list appear when you start typing letters? Have you tried safe-mode to check if the problem is still there?


Not long after you posted, I had the same problem on Discourse, only pressing backspace made the user list appear.
However now it appears to be working perfectly. Trust you are finding the same.


I have seen some recent inconsistencies on Firefox with @ behaviour, having a hard time getting a reliable repro


Hi Sam,
If it helps, I had the same problem and I was using Google Chrome.
Like you, now unable to repro the same “glitch” even when tried on 2 other discourse based forums.


Does it appear when you type the first letter of a user’s name after the @ sign?

I am using the latest Firefox version and I’m not having any problems on our forum. We have user’s using mobile, Chrome and Firefox all without problems.

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Hmm, I can repro it here (iPad Chrome), but I wouldn’t consider it a bug.

If you begin a reply in an existing topic with “@”, an auto-suggest list of topic participants displays.

If however you begin a new topic (hence no existing participants) with “@” no auto-suggest list displays until you enter a character after the @

Kind of like the logic is

  • an “@”, the member wants to mention another member

    • a reply, without more info the best possible guess is it’s to a member that posted in this topic
    • a new topic, without more info even a best guess isn’t possible
  • a character after the “@”, now that there’s more to go on, suggest from the usernames that begin with that

I suppose the auto-suggest could begin with “0” or whatever the first username begins with, but it doesn’t seem necessary to me.


Compare the @ sign to the command “Find.” It would have to be followed by something to look for.
Edit: On my forum, I clicked to reply to a post, type @ and a list did pop up, beginning with the poster’s username and several others. After abandoning that reply to post, I clicked on reply to topic, typed the @ sign and again, a suggested user list popped up - identical to the first one. Does this use the usernames of the last few posters until something appears after the @ sign?


Yeah I think you nailed it there.

In the past we always required multiple letters after the @ for it to start working. But I made a change not to long ago that makes it far more useful when replying in topics.

If I type @ here … odds are I want to @Tracey or something.

So I guess this is a feature request of sorts that I think would make sense in a closed forum with few users.

For example on our internal Discourse when I @ on a new topic it could pick the last 5 users that last posted on the forum.

But this kind of feature would have to be an opt in thing for forum admins I think or glued to a site requiring login.


Thanks for the replies.
I am using the v2.4.0.beta2 +420 version
I tried adding some already existed users characters, but didn’t work, I also tried firefox but same thing.
It only work when I write some characters then remove the last character, then it shows the users list.
Appreciate your help.

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I’ve noticed that just typing the @ sign seems to bring up the last 4 users that replied in said topic… or is it just simply replied last anywhere? Then it shows the list of users with the first letter you type after it.

@ behavior is different depending on context, when replying in a topic it is indeed the last 4 people who replied in the current topic.

When you are in a category targeted at a secure group @ prioritizes people in the secure group.

There are lots of smarts in play, I think the surprising thing though is that we don’t pick … something… when you create a new blank topic. Maybe last N people you @ mentioned is the right thing to do as default, though … if we did that … my poor notifications on meta … I dread that.


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