Users not showing after tpying @

I’ve just upgraded to the version v2.4.0.beta2 +425 of discourse when I type @ I no longer get a list of active users to select from. Do I need to enable this somehow? It always just worked before. Thanks.

hi @Rory_Walsh, before we dig too much into this:

  • try to load your site with safe mode by reaching the /safe-mode URL
  • look at your browser console for any error
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If you are typing a new topic, you need to type at least one letter after the @ to start the search.


I’ve also found in the past that the popups take longer to show when my server is overloaded. Maybe right after the upgrade your disk space is running low or sidekiq is busy with background tasks? This problem may go away for you after a few hours. If not, trying ./launcher cleanup may help you.


Thanks everyone. So it seems that user names will only appear for me if they have contributed to the thread in some way. It would be nice if I could get a lit of all users, as I can on this forum for example.

Thanks, I’ll try that too.

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