New topic without all catagories showing up?

Good day,

On our page we have a lot of catagories (series of ships, let’s say “A-type”) and every catagory has quiet a lot of sub catagories, could go up to 15 per catagory.

Now when you want to make a new topic, you need to select a catagory in the drop down list. But you can imagine that with 10 catagories and every catagory over 10 sub catagories it is going to be a long list.

What could be the best way to prevent choosing from this long list? I was hoping that there is a possibility that you can only make a new topic in the subcategory you are “in”. In that case it should not be necessary to select from the drop down list as you can only make a new topic in the sub categories. But I would realy not know how to do this.

Thanks for any reply!

Out of curiosity why are you using categories, and not tags?


Thanks for your question. It opened my eyes actually. I didn’t know what you meant so I started reading.

And by reading the article of Clay Shirky - ontology is overrated I start all over again and understand much better how categorizing works, or better, how it actually not works at all.

So forget about my question :slightly_smiling_face: