"New User of the Month" badge doesn't appear to be monthly?

To explain, I was trying to get that badge on Rust users forum (which I believe is hosted on business Discourse hosting, considering it loads files from cdn-business).

Here is a badge page: New User of the Month badge on The Rust Programming Language Forum

Last time this badge was obtained is Apr 21, when it is May 24 now. I suspect the badge event did occur earlier, and because of safe net in code (preventing code from running if it’s not a month already), it didn’t do anything.


Same here: Nouvel utilisateur du mois badge sur Libertysim.net - Simulation aérienne Forum & Discussions
2 on Apr 1st and … nothing more.

Note that the badge won’t award if there are no users that meet the criteria in the month. @eviltrout can you confirm all is well, etc?

Thanks, it’s may be the problem for me.

I’m fairly sure my account does meet the criteria (I believe you need to have at least 1 :heart:) - Profile - xfix - The Rust Programming Language Forum. I joined May 11, and got 46 :heart:.

On a site I’ve been working on, a user who I’m pretty sure never logged in got user of the month.

i’ve just triggered manually the job. it’s seems ok for me.

@GlitchMr, you can try yourself at yourforum.com/sidekiq/scheduler and manually trigger Jobs::GrantNewUserOfTheMonth.
Be sure to give a like to a new user before.

I looked at the Badge and did find a bug that didn’t occur to me before. If the top performing people were the same two months in a row, the second month nobody would receive the badge.

Having said that, that is not the case on the rust forum. I do think there is a bug where jobs that are scheduled monthly never happen. In this case, I changed the job to execute daily instead of monthly. There is a check just in case so running it daily seems safer.


I don’t see how this is possible. The code pretty clearly needs them to have posted and received likes. If you could provide more information that would be good.


I noticed this in the midst of another problem–the user couldn’t receive email (it turned out that was because the MX record for the forum was an IP rather than a host name, and the receiving mail server/spam filter thought that was just Too Wrong). I enabled the user with rake admin:create and logged in as them once or twice to see that it worked (and the first couple times it still claimed that the email address hadn’t been validated). I think I finally solved the problem by making them an admin and then revoking it.

And, after all that, when I logged in as that user, I swear it said that it had just earned user of the month. It seemed odd, but not worth mentioning until I noticed this thread.

If you want me to go poke at it some more, I will, but maybe just file this away until there’s some indication that it might mean something.

Ours didn’t grant this month either.


To add more date points, we (Stonehearth) did have the badge granted this month.

The fix only went out yesterday unfortunately, so you probably haven’t received it yet.


Just got it!

I was alerted by this


Further to the last post, I admit to being a sceptic of this badge for professional communities such as mine, however it has been positively received by 3 of the 4 that have been awarded it so far. (The fourth doesn’t yet know.)

I renege on my scepticism.


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