New User Of The Month Badge

Hi All

Now i’ve tried to research this and its starting to give me a headache so im now
asking the advice of any Discourse experts.

I’ve read a few posts about this badge and can understand its requirements however something seems way off.

Now i dont know what version of discourse is being run on the forum im frequenting so this could be another issue such as outdated software and no fixes applied since first installed/activated but i dont know this info at present as theres no visible discourse version number displayed to
end users…maybe to an admin/leader but i dont know.

Basically put i’ve waited patiently for the 2 August to Roll by as i was sure that id be getting the “New User Of The Month” Badge as all my stats were almost as good as the company owners and i was getting quite a lot of praise ( big head yeah i know :smiley:) and im only days off the “Regular” badge being activated as i write this.

Now i registered on the 2nd July and another user registered on the 1st Of July and a Third user registered on the 3rd of July…now this seems quite funny when you think about it and put it in order like this 1,2,3 July,However after logging in this morning hoping to see the badge there in my notification tray i was curious where it was.

I then found that 2 new users had indeed been awarded the badge but it had skipped over me and awarded the newer registered user on the 3rd July & The Older Registered User on the 1st July
the badge and both of there stats were no where close to my own and they were basic users…one of
the users didnt even give likes but got the badge ??

The newer registered user 3rd July who was basically a troll trying to upset the apple cart by
being nasty to other users because they couldnt get there own way got the badge & again
there stats were lower than my own.

Now im not an admin or staff member for that forum but i can relay any suggestions
if its anything on there side…discourse as a forum platform is still quite new for me
and im learning new things each day but finding bugs & issues spoils the fun when
they dont get addressed in a timely manner.

Something is definitely off here…so any advice would be appreciated.

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i would suggest you approach the site admins about this and let them research the issue as it’s their site.

We can’t really troubleshoot this.

Sorry for this answer, but it is what it is.

addiction to this, i can also say that if staff like your posts, it counts more than a normal member


Hi @IAmGav

Thanks For the reply but in this case the site admins are as lost as i am and this is why im over here to learn from you wise people to the pass the “quick fix” on if there is one to be made

Its not the first issue we’ve come across that i’ve posted about either and they tried to look into all the tooling but got confused there as well…its like the elusive “Tardis” Manual that you only ever see “The Doctor” read on rare occasions on screen…yet hes still never fixed that chameleon circuit after all these years :smiley: yet his 6th Incarnation did come close in the 80’s

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For this reason always host your projects as managed directly in the cloud at Discourse self, where u have all the newest updates and access to the plugins.

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@PhantomR1982. Go look how many likes you got from staff and then go compare how many likes the other 2 got from staff.

Staff likes at 3 x than a member


View the page source and you’ll find it near the top.


Hiya @zooy0rk Im Not sure how they have the forum setup but as a starting point i would imagine they have it on one of the official discourse hosting packages so maybe the updates are applied automatically as you have suggested,this is a question i can probably get an easy answer to without sounding too intrusive even if i do get on with the staff.

But what i meant in your quote is they are lost in the multitude of settings within discourse and it takes time and a sharp mind to learn everything however each day is a new learning curve for staff and end users like me.

However i smile when it says i’ve earned a new badge in my notifications when i login :smiley:
Then its a new game of figuring out how i earned the badge and what criteria i hit to trigger it.

Thanks for the reply.

If you tell us what forum it is we can let you know if we host them or not.

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