I've won September's new user of the month, multiple times, on multiple communities

During September I joined two new communities that use Discourse, as far as I know there is no connection between them other than their shared use of Discourse software: based on a DNS lookup one of them is self-hosted and one of them uses the Discourse hosted product. I am not an administrator of either community, just a user.

On both communities I have received the following message, every single day in October:

Congratulations, you’ve earned the New User of the Month award for September 2020. :trophy:

If I visit the “Badges” section of both sites I can see that the badge has not been issued to me. Given this is happening across multiple communities on multiple platforms, I’m guessing there’s a Discourse bug that is causing the September 2020 “New User of the Month” award to fail to be registered and so every day the notification is sent out again when the process tries to finish again.

See below for two screenshots. First screenshot is from community.netlify.com which is hosted by discourse according to a DNS lookup – the absence of the badge can be seen here: New User of the Month badge on Netlify Community

The other is club.kinopio.club which is self-hosted:

I searched here and I haven’t seen any other reports of this, and I can see that this community did successfully award the New User of the Month badge to 2 users in October: New User of the Month badge on Discourse Meta



It’s something the admins need to look at. Nothing you can do about it yourself.


I believe this was fixed recently?


Thanks for reporting the issue. I’m looking into it. Please don’t be alarmed in case you are getting a couple more notifications on Netlify while I’m trying to figure out what’s wrong.

Oh, I see, it was fixed recently, but hasn’t been deployed for Netlify yet.


You might want to ask the admins of the self-hosted forum to update their Discourse as well.