New user of the month badge logic

we’d one or two users, who got this badge in the next day of their arrival! it could be because of low rate of contribution of new users in our forum.

I don’t see any benefit in such fast recognition, because it gave them the sense of a little bit hollow recognition! “if for only one-two contributions, I’m one of the two selected newbies; perhaps I don’t need to contribute that much here.”

not all the months need selected new users. can there be some level of activity before a new user be considered as the new user?

or can admins of a forum sort of determine when this badge is granted?

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No, there aren’t editable thresholds. I’d recommend disabling the badge on your community. I agree that it looks a bit hollow and contrived.

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It’d be timing related, when the month closes. But you must have at least a few posts to qualify; the thresholds are in the original topic, I suggest referring to that.