New user tutorial ❤

So, I haven’t visited this forum in almost two years now, after I for all intents and purposes fell off the face of the earth for personal reasons…

Anyways, I’ve just now seen the new new user experience over at GitLab’s Community Discourse, and what you fine gentlemen have done here over the years still impresses the hell out of me. :slight_smile: :clap:


Oh my welcome back @elberet we thought we had lost you!

welcome back


Hey @elberet! It’s good to see you again. We missed you. :slight_smile:


Thanks, thanks… :blush:

But I do have a day job now, and after destressing and taking care of daily stuff, my evenings tend to be rather too short to participate much - if at all - in open-source projects. :cry:

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@eviltrout and I had dinner with you in Toronto and then you were never heard from again! It was a little suspicious, but now everyone knows we’re innocent! Welcome back!


Yeah, and I still feel reeeally guilty about that. :flushed:
@sam even tracked me down on my Discourse instance and asked how I was doing…

Shortly after I got home from that holiday health issues were had (family), a home was sold and an apartment bought, badly built, fought over and finally rescinded, I moved thrice in the span of four months and got a job in a new city surrounded by new people… basically:


Welcome back buddy!