New user unable to send a message to discobot

found something relevant here:

Yes, their comment, if I understood it correctly

Plugin allows reply, regardless of other SiteSettings

Is exactly what I’m looking for but didn’t seem to work for my site. Help.

I believe this is a bug, now, right, that I’m not able to make the following happen?

This works well for me on my test site though. Personal messages are disabled and a new user can still go through the Discobot tutorial

You can see that there is no message tab in the hamburger menu but my new user is completing the discobot tutorial

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Are you able to start a new tutorial to Discobot, not just reply to the first welcome message?

In this context, when you say start a new tutorial, how do you mean?

Our solution had previously been to provide new users with a link to start Discobot by sending it a PM.

This is our customized welcome message (system_messages.welcome_user.text_body_template)

Thanks for accepting your invitation to %{site_name} -- welcome!

**Now that you're here, choose one of these popular first steps to take next.**

- [Add a profile picture](
- [Introduce yourself to our community](
- Post a conversation starter in the [public square category](

You can also learn how to use our website features by starting an [interactive tutorial](,%20I'm%20ready%20to%20start%20my%20new%20user%20tutorial!&body=Directions:%20Just%20click%20the%20blue%20`Message`%20button%20below%20to%20tell%20@hubbot%20start%20tutorial) or reading the [new user guide](

**Enjoy!** :grinning:

Replace @hubbot with @discobot.

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

I noticed more text that suggests we should always be able to message discobot.

See the bio description.

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