New users are not displayed in the user list

There are no registered users.

How do I activate?

I see your account. Have other users registered and confirmed their email. If they haven’t they are a staged user

I see 3 accounts here

“registered hours ago” isn’t really giving much time for daily jobs to run. Do you see them at “… /admin/users/list/new”?

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But in that part that I mentioned no

here i see

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I just checked Meu Xbox and you’re up to 6 users. Is this a new forum you just started or has it been up for a while. When new users sign up, they do not appear in the User Directory (list) until the daily routine appears. We had the same issue/concern when our forum was first started. People were wondering why they did not appear in the User Directory (list). However, in your Admin Dashboard you can see when new users has signed up.


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