New users cannot self-delete

(Michael Hrenka) #1

A new user reported to me that he cannot use the self-deletion feature and asked me as admin to delete him, which I’ve then done. Since then I’ve created various new test accounts and none of them could use the “Delete My Account” button, which was always “greyed out”, see below:

I’m running the forum on a 2 GB Digital Ocean droplet and use Discourse version 1.5.0.beta7.

Here’s a list of my plugins:

  • babble 0.9.2
  • discourse-details 0.3
  • MathJax support for Discourse 0.4.1
  • Spoiler Alert! 0.3
  • docker_manager 0.1
  • lazyYT 1.0.1
  • poll 0.9

Recently i’ve switched to HTTPS using a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate, though I don’t guess that would cause such a problem.

The problem also appears when I deactivate the babble plugin. And I suspect the other plugins the create relevant interference.

Can anyone replicate this issue?

(cpradio) #2

Did he have any posts? And how long as he around? As there is a time period and a post count that is in play for that button.

(Michael Hrenka) #3

He didn’t have any posts and was around for about 2 days.

As for my test accounts: They didn’t have any post either and have existed only for a few minutes.

(cpradio) #4

Okay, I’m seeing the exact same thing on my sandbox which has a lot fewer plugins (none of which should affect that page).

@sam, is this related to the User Profile Page changes?

(Jeff Atwood) #5

@techapj can you repro this? New users should be able to self delete.

(Arpit Jalan) #6

Yes, I was able to repro this. Fixed via

(Jeff Atwood) #7