New users who visited this month?

How can I view/calculate how many new unique users visited in a particular month?

This should show up in your admin dashboard /admin under the Signups report, are you not seeing this there? You can adjust the date range to show for a month.

You can also go to the direct Signups report to focus in on just that report: /admin/reports/signups.

Does this work for you? There are other ways but I’d suggest starting with this, the simplest step first.


Hi @osioke Unfortunately, this doesn’t help. I’m looking for something like

  • Total new user visits

  • new Logged in user visits (Signups)

  • new Anonymous user visits

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Oh, okay. Then you can use the Data Explorer Plugin to get more detail, I’ll suggest also setting up Google Analytics (also see this discussion: Track sign-ups on Google Analytics) to help here too.

With Data Explorer, you can get more detailed statistics using SQL queries, here are some community written SQL queries: