Anyone setup SMTP with mailjet?

Having trouble with my first time installation of discourse, would be grateful if someone can help!


If you Search results for 'mailjet' - Discourse Meta

You can find Howto use Mailjet as a free SMTP service for Discourse


Thanks Jay. So I initially was following the guide you sent, but I got an error when it came to setting up the TXT.

Then that’s what you need to get help on. And it has nothing to do with Discourse.

You should google “create TXT record [DNS service]”.

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Both of mine are running on MailJet, using the guide Jay linked to - It would probably be helpful to know the error you’re running into - it may be better to get support from MailJet depending what your error is.

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So just to give you an idea of what I’ve done thus far:

  1. Made using dreamhost (wordpress)
  2. Using Cloudflare as CDN
  3. Digitalocean droplet for discourse
  4. Added on cloudflare, which worked on the console during discourse installation
  5. Signed up mailjet for the SMTP, using on cloudflare
  6. Having trouble getting mailjet to verify DNS TXT record on cloudflare

So when I try to create a DNS record on cloudflare via TXT, I get the error:

“Neither the file at your domain root nor the DNS TXT record have been found to validate this domain. Please check your configuration and try again.”

Not sure where I’m messing up. Is there anything I’m supposed to be doing on dreamhost?


Who is your DNS service Cloudflare, or Dreamhost? that is where the TXT entry needs to be. Given your error I’d assume it is dreamhost.

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You should use for the mail domain.

If you’re getting that error then your didn’t create the a record it’s asking for. If your share the name we could do a lookup to see if the record existed.

Asking mail jet for help might be a good idea.

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Got it figured out!

The DNS entry they told me for the “Name” was “mailjet._abcdef”, what I needed to do was add .forum to the end of it because that’s the subdomain I wanted. So ““”.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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