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Looks like it works with 3.0.5 if I use the sha just before that commit. (289c736c65841578ac9022923581828f089fccac) :raised_hands: Thanks for all of your help @merefield

Do you know if it’s possible to make the News page the default/home page?

You could use the theme api, or simply install this:

and set it to /news

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Hi there, i don’t know why? But i’m having trouble with this plugin since 3 discourse update ago.
I get :
Error while processing route: news Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'can_create_topic') TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'can_create_topic')

Full details in the issue on github repo.
Any help will be much appreciated.

Anybody to help ?

Sorry, I’m a bit too busy right now. There have been a few changes in Discourse that have affected this plugin (moving it to broken for now). Ping me again in a week or so. I might have some more time.


Question for @angus on the GitHub - paviliondev/discourse-news: Adds a news stream to your Discourse instance plugin (before digging into the code myself - I am not an UX specialist …)

I dont understand the required syntax in the entry fields for

discourse news rss and discourse news icon

For the news icon, I played with the code examples from

but without success for “fa-newspaper” yet …

As it’s a third-party plugin, I’ve slipped your post over to the relevant plugin topic. :+1:

Though it looks like this one has the broken tag at the minute (not sure if that affects your issue though).

Hey @Thomas_Rother. If you can get this plugin to work for you (caveat it seems to be broken for some as @JammyDodger mentioned), then there’s two lists of fontawesome icons in Discourse which will give you the exact name you need to use.

There’s this one, which is the one that Discourse loads by default (i.e. will always work if you just use the right name)

And there’s icons in the Fontawesome SVGs in Discourse (The name is the id on the symbol). The icons in the SVG which are not listed in lib/svg_sprite.rb will work if they’re loaded by a plugin or theme.

So for fa-newspaper, it looks like:

  1. It’s not in the list in lib/svg_sprite.rb meaning that Discourse does not load it by default;
  2. There is a newspaper in the fontawesome/regular.svg and fontawesome/solid.svg

So to use it in the News plugin you’d need to load newspaper in a theme or plugin following the steps laid out in

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Thanks for the reply and for this very useful plugin.
It would be nice to have a fix someday.
I understand it may be linked to this ? DEV: Refactor discovery routes to remove use of 'named outlets' (#22622) · discourse/discourse@82d6d69 · GitHub
Hopefully, someone versed in discourse can help.

As an aside, won’t it do to just add it to svg icon subset in admin/settings ?


I found this plugin and it looks very interesting and most likely will accomplish exactly what I am looking for. After a bit I noticed the broken tag. Can this still (safely) be installed?