Nice Comment Box instead of a link

Hi, I start build a Forum and my idea is now to replace the WordPress Comment Box with a Discourse Comment Box and sync this with the Forum.

Actually, there is just a link showing when I use the Plugin, is there a way to get a nice Comment Box like Disqus.

Best Kevin

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No. A link and the comments are what show up in WP.


Yea i see. So i have to find a developer to build be a custom solution. This way is ugly

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There is no Discourse comment box that displays underneath a Wordpress post?

Is there any possibility of a workaround where a comment box is displayed but synced with the Discourse forum?

Sure you can develop something which uses the API. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen one or two examples of this over the past year.


Do you know if there is a ready-to-go plug-in for Wordpress that would allow for this by any chance?

Nothing that’s freely available. Anyone who developed this for WordPress obviously would have implemented it as a plugin.

Where could one edit the aesthetic layout of the way things like “Notable Comments”, the comments themselves, the participants involved in this particular discussion, and the link "Continue Discussions at [Forum Name], etc. appear at the bottom of a Wordpress post?

Thank you.

You can edit most of the text that the plugin adds to WordPress by going to the WP Discourse Text Content options page:

To edit the layout of the HTML that is added by the plugin, have a look at this topic: WP Discourse template customization.