[PAID] Have Discourse comment box appear instead of Wordpress comment box

  1. Can someone help me place the Discourse comment box (with option to login or sign-up if the visitor is not logged in) at the end of a Wordpress blog post? Essentially, like the way all the comment plugins with Wordpress work (e.g. Disqus, GraphComment, etc).

The way it currently works by default with Discourse-Wordpress (where it shows Discourse comments and/or a link to the Discourse forum) does not seem to encourage participation as a readily available comment box would, in my opinion.

I also need help using the Brand Header theme component to create a nice looking header navigation on the forum.

Thank you.


Hi Michael, I’ll send you a direct message.


About the WP comments, I can give you a plugin for testing, which basically offers a better integration with WP (uses your theme, can comment, sync with discourse, and so on). I’ll send you a message.


That would amazing, thank you. Waiting for your message.

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