No "Light scheme" colour scheme?

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Our default theme is based on the “Light Scheme” colour scheme. It seems to be working, but:

While viewing admin > customise > theme, I can see “Light Scheme” in the drop down list.

However, there’s no “Light Scheme” listed under admin > customise > colors.

Is this because the Light Scheme is the system default, so it’s not listed on the colors page?

I’m unsure if this is normal.


Yes, I believe that’s how it is intended to work. If you want to get a copy of the Light Scheme to modify, you can follow Customize --> Colors --> + New then pick Light Scheme. It should be modifiable on Colors and selectable in your themes after that.

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Thank you. I was a little concerned that the Light Scheme had been deleted or renamed and that this might affect users at some point. Sounds like that’s not the case :slight_smile:


I had exactly the same question - and assumed I was missing some files! In theory then the light scheme is the default and you only need to create it if you wish to make custom changes.

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