No notes in revisions when bulk moving topics

With a new implementation of a category on a forum I mod for, I bulk moved a bunch of topics that were now relevant to this category, after moving them I realised that there was no logs about the topic being moved in revisions.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Bulk move topic(s) to a category that is different from it’s current category.
  2. Go onto a topic you moved and try to view the edit revision.
    • Notice it doesn’t exist.

Expected results

  1. The edit revisions should say that the topic was moved.

@gerhard can you add to your list to add a revision comment when bulk moving topic(s) to a new category?


This could slow down the move though depending on how “bulk” it is.


Creating a post revision for every moved topic certainly creates some overhead. I guess we can give it a try and see if people complain about performance issues.