No option appears to choose better answer

(Wiliam Joaquim) #1

I created a test topic, but the option does not appear to mark the answer as the best, what can it be?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Do you mean for the solved plugin? Only the post author and staff can mark a post as the solution.

(Wiliam Joaquim) #3

How do I install this plugin?

(David Taylor) #4

See the first post here for instructions:

(Wiliam Joaquim) #5

Could the complete command be put? How to launch app.yml?

(David Taylor) #6

You need to SSH into your server, and edit your app.yml file (it’s just a text file)

It is located in /var/discourse/containers/.

(Wiliam Joaquim) #7

I’m a little layman on this, if I pass SSH access, would you do it for me? Haha

(David Taylor) #8

I can’t, but if you post in #marketplace someone might be able to help

(Wiliam Joaquim) #9

Use this eating to access?

cd /var/discourse


This is not working :confused:

(cpradio) #10

You are missing a command there.

cd /var/discourse
sudo nano containers/app.yml

(Wiliam Joaquim) #11

What do I do next?

(cpradio) #12

Scroll to the bottom (using Page Dn), till you see the last - git clone ... command

Then add a new line, use spaces to ensure your - lines up (must be spaces, do not use tab) and paste the new git clone command
git clone

Then press CTRL + X, answer Y to save, press enter again (I think), then once at the console run
sudo ./launcher rebuild app

(Christoph) #13

This might help:

(Wiliam Joaquim) #14

I did what you taught me, the site went offline, is it normal?

(cpradio) #15

Yes, it will go offline during a rebuild. It will be back up once the rebuild completes.

(Wiliam Joaquim) #16

Did you appreciate it, installed correctly?

(cpradio) #17

Would seem not, it seems your app.yml has an invalid character in it. On line 98. You can use nano to edit it again, and press CTRL + C to see what line your cursor is on. Find line 98 and take a screenshot of that area. If there is any sensitive info, such as passwords or email addresses, be sure to use an editing tool to blur them out.

(Wiliam Joaquim) #18

I did what you mentioned, that’s what happened!


I think what @cpradio meant was to go back into your app.yml file as per above

(Wiliam Joaquim) #20

The site is still offline, will I miss it?:disappointed_relieved: