No registration IP for invited user?

So I was checking on an account from a user we were having a problem with and there’s no registration IP for him. Just last IP address. What would cause this?

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Do you use SSO or other alternative forms of login?

No we don’t. I don’t have anything else enabled.

Any weird reverse proxies or unusual things in front of Discourse?

Did they register, or were they invited?

I’ve just checked a new instance where the only other user right now was invited, and don’t see a registration IP either.

That install is pretty standard, no reverse proxy, Cloudflare or anything else like that in the mix.


Hmm can you repro this invite “no tracking of registration IP” behavior @tshenry?

Just confirmed it by inviting one more user and registering a third. Users who are invited don’t show a registration IP, the user who I registered by hand did. Hopefully that’s consistent with what @Garrick has experienced.

Would that make this a bug, or is the behavior expected for invited users? Registration IP is presumably for sockpuppet detection, whereas invited users are more trusted?


Yep, one more confirmation - no registration IP address for invited users.


We should fix that @techapj, low pri.


Yeah thanks. I just checked and yes another member invited them. I don’t have any reverse proxies or anything in front of them.

Fixed via: