No way to select multiple messages for bulk action on mobile view

I am doing some cleanup while sitting on the bus (on my way to dc for a few days! Woo!) and noticed there is no way to select multiple messages for bulk action.

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Do you mean multiple PMs on mobile?

Yep. That is what I mean… was I not clear? That list in my screenshot should have tick boxes next to the messages.


I can repro. The checkboxes are not appearing.

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FYI this problem still exists.

Isn’t this an “Admin action” and similar to the Admin pages not meant to work like it does in desktop in mobile?

This may be true but then the select/select all button above message lists should not be showing on mobile. As it is now the interface just feels buggy.

Or, and this would be my preference, I’d like to be able to select some messages and archive them on the go.

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I just tried this again today and found that it’s still not possible to bulk archive messages via mobile. I don’t know about others but to me it’s inconvenient - I get dozens of messages in my group inboxes and it becomes overwhelming if I don’t stay on top of it… which would be an easy task on mobile when on the go.

Maybe you are waiting to do it at some point in the future together with improving the bulk update options for messages generally? If that is going to take longer or is not a priority, then would it be possible to fix this now?

Same issue here. Would love to see this solved.

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