Can't act on selected messages in the mobile view

I was trying to split up some messages into a new topic while on mobile. Turned out there was no UX to do so, apparently.

Chrome 47 on Android.

Not sure what this is about, scroll to top to take action after selecting. Might be mirrored at bottom as well.

I just saw that the menu appears at the very top of the topic, while I was selecting the last few messages at the bottom and expected it to be shown close to where the selection interaction was happening.

How could the selection menu be made more easily discoverable on mobile?

  1. Duplicating it at the bottom?
  2. A floating link to the menu?
  3. The position: fixed layout works very well on desktop but on mobile it would cover most of the screen, unless collapsed, so maybe collapsing it would do the trick.

I support duplicating it at the bottom too cc @eviltrout


Seems reasonable. I’ve duplicated it at the bottom of the stream on mobile, as long as there are more than 3 posts. Below that it looked a little silly to me since the top was so close!