Node.js daemon that publishes a Discourse post to Facebook Group

(Dongwoo Gim) #1

I am sharing a simple utility I created.

It’s a simple Node.js daemon that publishes a Discourse post to Facebook Group.

This is in use on my site and will be updated continuously.

It would be an honor if you left the github star.

Thank you.

How to update a Facebook group with Discourse posts and replys?
(Jong Eun Lee) #2

Awesome! :+1: :smile:

(Muíran Shíoraí) #3

Thank you, it’s the solution to a problem I didn’t know I had.


@engross so every time someone post at Discourse it automatically post to fb group? Or are there any limitations? Thanks. Nice work on this. I hope it’s can be plugin so no need to run a separate app all the time.

(Dongwoo Gim) #5

@chi There is no limit now.
Authors can edit or delete immediately after writing, only provide POSTED_AFTER_MIN option.

(James Mc Mahon) #6

Thanks for creating this… I have a need to publish new topics to a facebook page. How much effort would that require do you think?

or… is it something I can do via webhook?

(Anton) #7

If I remember correctly, Facebook policies prohibit automatic posting without user consent. The API is to help user publish to Facebook, but the process itself should be accompanied by the user.


Can this be used to poll fb and post on discourse?

By the way, thanks for sharing!


thanks for this! before we install… does this automatically pull image from the individual post or from the first post in the topic only?