Non-displaying content / new page

If I create a page in my ID (vs code) using

rails generate controller Pages newsletter

and then I open it via http: // localhost: 4200 / pages / newsletter

so it doesn’t throw any error, but it tells me that “The page doesn’t exist or is private”

Can you give me some advice on how to set it up so that I can see the content I will do in my ID (vs code) in the newsletter.html.erb?

Or any other way to create a new page?

Discourse is not a simple rails application, I don’t believe the rails CLI will work for you.

Discourse is also fronted by an Ember SPA which is listening on port 4200.

You need to develop a plugin to achieve this.

Can I suggest you look at prior art in GitHub that does something similar, for example, I add a page here: GitHub - merefield/discourse-word-cloud: Generates a word cloud from the posts on your Discourse forum



And if I want to change for example hamburger menu bar somehow or search bar or whatever, is it possible using VS code? I followed the procedure for mac os, local host goes to me, I found that in order to see the changes on the server I need to edit it in folders that have the extension .hbs

Is there any instructions for this or? a lot of things I need to do can’t go with plugins and I need to hit the code

why not?

you made this assumption before, I believe incorrectly, in a previous Topic, did you read my response fully?