Non-docker multisite instructions gone?

(Harald Eilertsen) #1

I was trying to help out a guy having problems getting his multisite setup up and running. And now it seems the thread is gone… I realise you only want to support Docker based installs, but for those of us that can not use Docker, it would be nice to be able to discusss the issues we have still.

The topic was here: Discourse Meta
Any chance of getting it back?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Sorry, too much confusion having the non Docker stuff here. We strongly recommend that everyone use the recommended Docker based install, particularly for something as complex as multi site.

If anyone wants to mirror it off site elsewhere, that is fine.

(Harald Eilertsen) #3

But docker is kindof not available… I’m fine with you officially supporting only a limited number of setups, but refusing the community to support each other is a bit silly, I think.