Non-users can't post by email even with Accept emails from anonymous users with no accounts checked

I have a category with post by email enabled and with the Accept emails from anonymous users with no accounts box checked, yet when non users try to post by emailing the appropriate address they get an error email in repose, and their message is not posted.

We’re sorry, but your email message to [“”] (titled test message) didn’t work.

Your account does not have the privileges to post new topics in that
category. If you believe this is in error, contact a staff member.

Warnings in the logs contain:

Email can not be processed: can_create? failed
full email headers blah blah blah
from a non user

This worked fine until about two weeks ago. I don’t know when exactly when it stopped working because we don’t get many non-user posts by email, but after two weeks of nothing I decided to test things and discovered the problem.


@zogstrip can you repro this? Are you on latest code? What version are you on?

On version v1.5.0.beta10 +29. I’ve also just noticed that any of the non-users who do try emailing end up with a staged account in the pending users list.

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I can’t reproduce but I’m not sure I have the same site settings. Can you tell me which site settings you changed that affect logins/users?

EDIT: I could reproduce it on private categories, like suggested in that topic

Is that the same use case?

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Just pushed a fix :wink:

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Yes that was the use case. Just updated and your fix is working. Non-users’ emails are being posted in the correct category, and now with their name rather than by system. Thanks!


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