Not able to reset upgrades

I tried to upgrade my Discourse instance a few days ago, and it didn’t went through the installation as it was waiting for an unicorn to reload, this went on for at least 5-10mins, so I decided to close the upgrade tab.

Right now I’ve updated the instance by rebuilding the app, but, I can’t handle to reset the upgrade flag.

Upgrade versions page

Mozilla console

As you can see, when I try to reset the upgrades I just get an error that doesn’t allow me to.

SSH into your server and do

cd /var/discourse
./launcher rebuild app

I’ve done that twice, that works to update Discourse but doesn’t seem to reset those flags.

As stated above, did the

cd /var/discourse
./launcher rebuild app

And it still is “Currently upgrading” without the ability to reset them

Not sure if it’s still the done thing, but if the Reset Upgrade option (click currently upgrading) didn’t work, the solution was to flush redis:

$ ./launcher enter app
$ redis-cli flushall

That one did the trick, thank you

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