Upgrade discourse doesn't work

I’m trying to upgrade discourse, but progress bar doesn’t work. Also I tried to reset upgrade, but I received a not found update and button OK of Reset upgrading doesn’t work.

And on apply OK on Reset Upgrade red button

        "errors":["No se pudo encontrar la URL o recurso solicitado."],

How reset or force upgrade?

Since a few updates, the upgrade manager isn’t working anymore.

The screen is stuck after you press on ‘upgrade’.

Can somebody suggest to me what to do? :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

Thank you @JammyDodger =)

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I’ve just tried it on my test site and that seems to be working okay (I was about 11 commits behind). :thinking:

Does rebuilding from the command line help?


Ok I’ll try a rebuild app with

./launcher rebuild app

I will keep you informed


./launcher rebuild app does work when the black screen of upgrade death occurs.

Its fixed in the latest build.


Yes, that fixed the issue.

Thank you @JammyDodger


Yes it works. Thank you

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