Not accepted by admin post appeared on platform and in digest

Hello :wave:
Have a problem.
Currently in need of reviewing every post.
Have setting to review every post.
I’m the only admin. User with level 1 posted topic. In my notifications it is still under review. And post appears as “pending”.
Logged in with test user and now I can already see this (not yet accepted topic). Also received it in digest.
Is it a bug, or I need to double check some settings, or there is a problem with groups/rating of users?
Thank You!

The review every post admin setting send all posts to the Queue for review, but doesn’t block them from being posted to the site.

You would need to set each category as requiring Approval for posts and topics if you’d like that to be the case.


@JammyDodger thank You for the explanation and prompt reply!
So it’s not a bug. Sorry :see_no_evil:


That’s okay. ‘Not-bugs, support’ are my favourite kind of bugs. :slight_smile:


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